Welcome to the World, Layla

Two weeks ago the world got a very special gift:  My new niece!  I thought I’d celebrate this milestone birthday by recapping our trip to meet her.

My niece was born on January 6th.  My sister was late and had to be induced, but the labor was incredibly quick and everyone did great!  Even though she was late, she was just a little tiny thing at 6 pounds 8 oz but 20 inches long…maybe she’ll be a tall skinny model.


She was born on a Wednesday. Since my sister lives nearly 3 hours away, I had to fight every urge I had to just hop in the car and drive immediately down.  I had to wait all the way til Friday after work/school to visit for the first time.  The wait nearly killed me.

We had a few other things going on that weekend so The Husband stayed home with Smiles while I drove down with the 3 little kids.  Managing a 6-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 1-year-old by myself all weekend was an adventure.  Wiggles got carsick on the way down.  He puked once on the floor of the gas station.  Really makes you feel great as you stand there helplessly as your preschooler pukes on the ground and the only thing you can do is stop your toddler from running through it.  I tried to express my sorrow for the teenage clerk, but being 16 she just couldn’t understand…so we just left as quickly as we could.  Sorry, teenage girl.  Look at it as birth control?  Then he puked again later in the car.  Luckily I keep a trash can in my car, but I didn’t realize it got on his clothes until an hour later when his uncle said “Is this vomit on his shirt?”

I’m totally qualified to handle these kids by myself, y’all.

Minus the puke, the kids were good. They especially liked jumping on the hotel bed.


This is the best I could do.


And swimming in the pool.


But mostly we just hung out with the precious new baby.  Every time I’m around a newborn I’m shocked at how tiny they are.  They get big so fast!  I just can’t get over the little baby forehead wrinkles, the pitiful little cries, the cute startle reflex, the long little fingers, the tiny little toes.  I want to lose track of all my responsibilities and snuggle them all day long.  Especially when they’re as cute and perfect as my new niece.


Diva felt the same way.  As she was laying with her new cousin on her chest she sighed heavily and said “I just want to be a mommy.”

Wiggles likes babies and enjoyed staring at her.


The Baby mostly said “Baby.  Baby.  Baby.  Baby.  Baby. Baby. Baby.”  I didn’t let her get too close because she really likes to point to and name body parts and I was afraid she would gauge out the new baby’s eye.

Don’t even get me started on how much her big sister loves her.  Is there anything cuter than sibling love?


It almost makes me want another baby.  Almost.  But because that would be a HORRIBLE idea, I will settle for a big congratulations to my sis and bro in law!!  We love you guys and are so so happy for you!  (And for us)!


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