Highs and Lows

Does anyone else feel like the weeks just fly by before you’ve even had a chance to blink?  Sometimes I feel like I’m in a race car and life is just whizzing by.  It’s all I can do to buckle up and hold on.

Sometimes at dinner we’ll talk about the best and the worst parts of our days.  In an effort to slow down, think, and reflect on my weeks I’m going to try blogging weekly about the highs and lows I’ve experienced over the past 7 days (ish…because let’s be honest, it won’t be exactly every 7 days).

High:  Closing my first big deal!

I made a complete career switch a year ago, leaving the corporate world for commercial real estate.  I love what I do now, but starting anything new is hard. There were times I struggled with insecurity over being the new girl, but  I think I had a good first year overall.  I closed 7 deals, most of which I dug up myself.  However, most were pretty small.  I leased a 545 SF retail space.  I leased a 1200 SF office.  I even leased a storage closet!  I’m fine with the small deals as they’re a great way for me to learn, but on Friday I landed my first sizeable deal- The commission from that one deal is 20% of my annual goal.  The adrenaline rush was awesome; I was smiling all day!  Hope I get a few more of those this year 🙂

Low:  Losing a deal.

I’ve been working with a local business man for many months trying to find him a perfect retail space, and we finally did!  We went back and forth on terms, defined the scope of construction, drew up a contract, had the attorneys review the contract, submitted the changes to the owner….and then he put the brakes on the deal.  It was a reminder that no deal is complete until the papers are signed.  I understood his reasoning and respected his decision, but it stunk to put time and energy into a deal that ultimately didn’t go anywhere.

High:  Meeting other adoptive parents!

In March I’m going to an adoption conference.  What do you do at an adoption conference, you ask?  Well, friends, it should be quite fun.  It’s a faith based conference so there will be prayer and worship time.  There will be a panel of adult adoptees.  There will be keynote speeches by experts in the field, and there will be break out sessions over things like attachment, discipline, ways to support orphan care, etc.  I’m excited for many things about this conference, but most of all I’m excited to meet other families like ours.  THESE WOMEN ARE JUST AS CRAZY OR MORE SO THAN I AM!  There’s a Facebook group for the conference and all these women are doing introductions like “Hey, I adopted 4,313 kids from foster care” or “Hi there, I had 3 biological kids and then we adopted 1 internationally and then a few years later their 4 siblings were relinquished so we adopted them too!”  I love it. I don’t know anyone else going.   Earlier this week there was a dinner for moms from the KC area attending the conference, and it was so great to meet them!

Low:  The Baby.


You guys.  The Baby (I really need to figure out a new blog name for her since she’s nearly 2) may be possessed.  By demons.  For real.  She is cray cray right now.  She’s happy, she screams.  She’s sad, she screams.  She’s hurt, she screams.  She’s excited, she screams.  She’s angry, she screams.  She’s frustrated, she screams.  THERE IS SO MUCH SCREAMING.

High: Friends.

When I first moved to Kansas City in 2006 I had almost no friends.  The husband had some from high school; but we were settling down and they were still pretty rowdy at the time.  We eventually joined a small group at our church and ended up meeting some of our very best friends.  Everyone’s lives have changed significantly since we first met, but we’ve been diligent about getting together regularly even as we’ve had kids, changed jobs, left the church, etc.  I can’t really explain how much these people mean to me, and how lucky I feel that we’ve maintained our friendships over all these years.  We had an impromptu get together this week and I just loved enjoying a drink while watching each others kids and talking about our lives.  Good stuff.

Low:  The Refrigerator

We inherited our refrigerator when we moved to this house in May.  Although it was built in 1927, I have a certain fondness for it.  Mostly because of this:


This nifty little door allows us to get milk, or whatever else, without opening the fridge.  It’s awesome and retro and practical and I just love it.  But our poor fridge has been leaking over the past several weeks.  We (okay, The Husband) has tried his very hardest to fix it, but it’s just time.  We had to buy a new fridge this week.  Bye bye, nifty little door.  And bye bye, savings.

So, those are my highs and lows from the past week- what are yours?


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