Highs and Lows

Another week, another rounds of highs and lows.

Highs:  Family visit

The Husband has some family that we don’t get to see very often at all- it’s been at least 3 years.  They came to visit last weekend and it was great to see them!  They got to watch Smiles score a basket that turned the game around, took us out to eat at Pizza Street (every kid’s dream) and spoiled us all with presents!  We had a really fun day with them.


Low:  Date Night

The Husband and I were gifted some tickets to a dinner theater and couldn’t have been more excited- who doesn’t love date night when you have 4 kids at home?  Me, apparently.  The show was great, the food was good, but I just wasn’t feeling it that day.  The kids had driven me crazy that morning and I never recovered.  I was bummed I didn’t enjoy myself more and bummed to waste a somewhat rare opportunity.

High:  Last Basketball Practice

Look, I love putting my kids in sports.  Smiles specifically has a fondness for them.  They are teaching him discipline, teamwork, and dedication- all lessons he really needs!  I’m happy he plays on teams, and plan to keep him enrolled in whatever sports interest him for years to come.  That being said….I LOVE THE TIME IN BETWEEN SEASONS!   I hate having plans on weekdays and am so excited to have Monday nights free again.  (Mostly because, The Bachelor).


Low:  Dog Bath, Laundry, Nasty Bathroom, etc

I usually try to keep our weekends relatively low key, because weekends are when I get all my stuff around the house done.  But we’ve had a couple of busy ones in a row which means my dog smells like he rolled in a pile of poop (he probably did), my pile of laundry is taller than my toddler, my bath tub has had a ring around it for a week, my dining room table has been covered in Valentine’s Day craft stuff for a week…I feel perpetually behind. But hey, if you’re caught up with housework then you probably need to reexamine your life priorities (this is what I tell myself to make me feel better).

High:  Fireplace Cuddles


Since my big kids just learned their alphabet less than 2 years ago, they’re not exactly at the stage where they cuddle up with a good book for hours.  I try to do everything in my power to encourage them to get there someday, and most recently it was story time in front of the fire place.  I hope these little moments are the ones I remember years from now when the decibel level of our house is back in the normal range and I don’t need a hazmat suit to clean.

That was my week…how was yours?


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  1. Dottie 😘🌹

    Your doing a wonderful job. You are blessed in so many ways. Take a deep breath and continue on. One day they will be all grown up and you will miss these moments. I have raised my children, watched my grand-children grow so fast. Today I smile when I think of the games I went to. The chorus programs every year, just awesome. Lots of love to all from your family in Delaware.

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