Swan Song

It is with mixed emotions that I tell you this will be my last regular blog post.

I didn’t plan on it working out this way. Quite the opposite, in fact.  One of my New Year’s goals was to post more often;  my eventual goal was to make the blog profitable. After six years I’ve established a solid following, and I thought with a little extra effort I could gain the readership that would appeal to advertisers and affiliates.  So I’ve spent the last few weeks studying just how to do that.  Now I know…but with that knowledge came a realization- I just don’t have the time it takes to do it right.


You see, our last six years have been JAM PACKED with life stuff.  Infertility.  The decision to adopt.  Opening our hearts to older kids.  A surprise pregnancy.  A revoked referral.  A precious baby boy.  Another surprise pregnancy.  Our referral call just two days later.  Convincing the adoption agency to let us continue our journey.  Our trip to Ethiopia.  Our adoption delays.  A beautiful baby girl.  And finally, bringing our kids home.  (Actually, all of that was over the course of just 4 years…the last 2 have been spent adjusting from our normal lives to our crazy lives).


It’s been quite the journey, and I’ve really enjoyed documenting it via the blog.  So much happened that it was EASY to fill the blog with updates. The blog has been a great outlet for my emotions, it serves as a solid reference when we look backwards, but mostly it’s been a fabulous connection tool.  It’s allowed me to share our story with family and friends, even at the times it was too difficult to talk about in person.  It’s connected me with strangers who are going through similar things.  And it’s allowed me to form friendships with people I would not have otherwise known.  I love it.  I feel an emotional connection to this blog- to my diary- and I’m sad to call it quits.


But the blog was started to document building our family- and our family is now built.  It has served its purpose.  As we have progressed from an unknown future to the daily humdrum of family life, I have found that updating my blog is not nearly as enjoyable as it once was.  In fact, it has become another chore- right up there with laundry, walking the dog, and working out.  When you have 4 young children there are a LOT of daily chores, and it is just no longer worthwhile for me to spend the time and energy on something that doesn’t bring me joy…or at least leave me with a clean house/happy family/someday-gonna-be-hot body.


So this is it, friends.  I’ll likely do an occasional post on special occasions, milestones, or when something happens that’s just too long for a Facebook post…but I expect those to be few and far between.  Thank you for reading all these years.  Thank you for reaching out.  Thank you for encouraging us.  Thank you for stopping me in public to share that you like my writing.  Thank you for not judging us, even when we deserved it (remember when we locked 4 year old Diva, 1 week after she was adopted, in her room when she was terrified?  Major parenting fail but you guys loved us anyway).  It’s been a great joy to share with you. Thanks for allowing me to fill your computer screens for so many years.  Friend me on Facebook if we’re not already buds.


There were many times I thought I’d never be here- living in our forever house, working at a job that I love, with a toddler napping upstairs while there are 5 kids (friends are over) playing Wii  (very loudly) in the basement.  But here I am.  Thanks for seeing me here.


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  1. They grow up so fast, enjoy being a family and the blog will always be there for special occasions or new projects in future years.

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