Baby Girl is Two!

The next month brings a slew of milestones:  The Baby turned 2 yesterday, Wiggles and Diva have birthdays in April, and we celebrate 2 years post adoption in a couple weeks!  These types of posts are my favorite to write and my favorite to later look back on, so the blog is temporarily resumed for this busy season!

I was shopping at Hobby Lobby the other day and saw a sign that read “Though she may be little, she is FIERCE.”  It took every ounce of my being not to buy it for our fourth child.  She may be the smallest member of this family, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being heard!

Baby, you’re a sweet little fireball.  You drive us crazy and you make us laugh.  Here’s what I want to remember about right now:

  • You are pretty much the best sleeper in the whole wide world.  Every time I put you to bed, you immediately roll over, stick two fingers in your mouth to suck, and fall asleep in approximately 4.2 seconds.


  • You’re a somewhat picky eater with a major sweet tooth.  You’ll barely let anything green (exception: peas) come within 3 feet of your body, but you will eat 12 marshmallows in 5 seconds flat.
  • Sometimes you eat six bananas in one day.


  • When you’re not happy with your food selection you let us know by chucking it halfway across the room.  Our dogs love you.
  • When you have food not at the table the dogs follow you around, which makes you go berserk.  You scream “NO” and slap the poor dogs across the room.  You ain’t afraid of a 13 pound dog.
  • You really like to sing songs, but mostly just “Row row” and “Down by the Bay” with the occasional “ABC” thrown in.  Sometimes you tell me what to sing, I start singing it, and then you yell at me. This is really confusing.
  • You constantly take your shoes off.  I don’t think we’ve ever arrived at a destination with your shoes still on.
  • But you love to put other peoples shoes on.
  • And clothes.  If there are clothes in your eyesight you are going to layer them on until you can’t walk anymore.  None of them will be put on correctly but you will refuse all help.


  • When you’re not layering you are very opinionated about what you wear, and just like with song selections you often yell at me for putting on what you just told me to put on you.
  • You have an awesome mullet with bangs so long they cover your eyes, but you don’t like to wear bows, headbands, or hair ties.
  • You also don’t like to brush your teeth, and with all the other kids I don’t have the energy to fight you on this one.  Every night I try, and every night you swat my hand away and brush your nose or hair instead.  Then you throw your toothbrush on the floor.  If you grow up and have bad teeth I want the record to show this is your fault, not mine.
  • Your eye twinkle.
  • We have to keep the doors to the bathrooms closed because you like to take the rolls of extra toilet paper and throw them in the toilet.  The next time you do this it’s coming out of your college fund.
  • While we’re speaking about potty behavior, every time you go to the bathroom you bring us the wipes, a fresh diaper, and tell us “I pooped.”  We still have PTSD from trying to train your brother so we haven’t tried with you yet, but hopefully you’ll be easier.
  • What’s up with you taking a wipe and wiping yourself for 15 minutes?
  • You don’t like to lay down for diaper changes.  You prefer to stand up, spreading your legs almost to a full split.
  • For the first 22 months of your life you pooped 95% of the time you were in the water, including baths (which meant you were rarely bathed), but I think you finally have this habit kicked.
  • Every time you give us a kiss you suck your cheeks in like a fish face instead of puckering your lips out.  They’re the best kisses ever.
  • You know all your uppercase and lower case letters and can name all your colors.
  • You’re talking a lot.  Me and Daddy can understand a fair amount of what you say, but I don’t think the average joe could.  Your most frequently used words, beside “no”, is “please help” or “me help!”
  • You love being goofy with your big siblings and have no trouble keeping up with them!



Baby girl, thanks for 2 great years- can’t wait to see how you’ll grow this year!


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  1. Happy belated birthday!!! They grow up so quickly.

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