Sassypants is Three!

You guys, my baby, my last baby is THREE!

The year of two is an interesting year.  When a baby turns two they are still very much a baby, but by the time they turn three they might as well be going to college.  They’re so big.

I’m having a hard time with this because as we’ve left diapers, nursing, and soon to be nap time in the past, I feel a chapter in my life coming to an end.  In some ways that’s a happy feeling.  It’s so much easier to do things these days, we’re looking forward to traveling again, I don’t feel so bad asking for babysitting help. Life’s so much more manageable now than it was a year or three ago and that’s great.  But I also know these very precious moments are limited.  It feels like we just got started and I’m not quite ready to close that chapter yet.

If you’re a new reader, I refer to my children by “blog names” because I want them to be able to Google themselves someday without being tied to all my stories about them.  I’ve always referred to my youngest as “The Baby” but since she’s not really a baby anymore I’ll call her “Sassypants”….and if you know her in real life, you’ll know why that’s her moniker.

So Sassypants, Happy Birthday!  Are you really three?!  You are such a special little girl.  When I was growing up I got a lot of flak for being bossy and I see that in you, too.  But you know what?  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a girl knowing what she wants and telling other people how to make that happen.  We just need a little polishing!  You challenge me in a way that none of my other children do, probably because we’re very similar.  But even when you’re driving me crazy, I see a special little spark in your eyes, and I promise I will do everything I can to help you develop that into something great.  Here are the things I want to remember about you right now:

When you tell a story, you cock your head to the side, twinkle your eyes, and nod in confirmation of your own story.


I’ve never met a kid who was so determined to do things on their own.  If I had a penny for every time you shouted “NO!  I DO IT!” I’d be a millionaire.  Sometimes I have to apologize to older kids on the playground; you bite their heads off when they try to help you do something.

You’re an okay eater with a major sweet tooth.  You really like to eat peas, baked beans, ketchup, fish, spaghetti, most fruits, and anything in the “treat” category.


You suck your index and middle fingers on your right hand constantly.  I’m sure you’ll have bad teeth.  I used to think it was cute but I’ve been nagging you lately to stop.  You kept telling me you’d stop when you turned three, but today you told me you’d stop when you turn four.

You love to snuggle.  You make your snuggle bed kind of like a dog makes their bed.  You force me to lie down in just the right way, move around a lot, press on my belly several times, and finally make your pillow on my stomach.

You adore your older siblings.  Gammie asked what you wanted for your birthday and I honestly couldn’t think of anything you were into, because mostly you just copy whatever they’re doing.  You do a lot of pretend play- things like putting us or your stuffed animals to bed, making us dinner, building forts, etc, that don’t require a lot of toys.


A couple months ago we switched you from your pack and play (which you’ve pretty much slept in since birth) to a big girl bed- a bunk bed in a room shared with Diva. You used to be a wonderful sleeper.  Now you are a TERRIBLE sleeper.  You climb around, get up, go potty, whine, and do anything you can do delay bedtime.  But the most entertaining thing is how you strip completely naked most nights.  The first several times this happened I tried to put a diaper on you, but this required me climbing on the top bunk and trying not to wake you up, so I just started letting you sleep butt naked.  You haven’t wet the bed yet…let’s keep that up.

You have one volume- loud.  Very loud.  All the time loud.

At preschool you get a stamp if you’ve had a good day.  You rarely get stamps.  Your most common offenses are telling your teachers no, not listening, and throwing fits….but a couple weeks ago you lost your stamp for getting naked during class.


You love to comb my hair.

You have your Daddy wrapped around your finger.  He adores you and you get away with way more things than any other child.  He also watches you way more closely than any other child.


You’re not shy.  When we pass people on walks or at stores you often yell out “Hi, what’s your name?”  When they ask your name in return, you reply with your full name- first, middle, last.

You can spell your first name and say the days of the week.

You are very brave, you love to jump off things, climb on things, and explore the world around you.  We need to get you enrolled in gymnastics soon!


Sassypants, you keep right on being you.  You’ve had a great three years and I’m so excited to see what the next year holds for you.


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