Virginia Beach Day Four- The Beach!

This morning the campground had a (free) pancake breakfast, and now my kids have discovered that some people put whipped cream on top of their pancakes, and now my pancakes will never pass muster again.

My Brother-in-law is a campus pastor at Community Church.  He doesn’t preach every Sunday, but it just happened that he was preaching the weekend we were visiting!  We’ve watched him online before but this was our first time watching him in person.  We really enjoyed the entire experience and were so proud of the great job he did!

After a quick lunch back at the cabin- and plenty of threats because my kids could not seem to get along or listen this morning- we headed back to the beach.  We had another great summer beach day.  I did about 500 60-pound curls helping Sassypants and her cousin jump over waves.  Her cousin kept pulling me saying “Further out, further out” while Sassypants said over and over “That was fun mom, that was really really fun!”


We took turns burying everyone, but this ended badly when sand got on Wiggle’s face and he was convinced he would never be unsandy again.  (poor guy….his screaming usually drives me bonkers, but having sand in your eyes and mouth when every other square inch of your body is covered in sand really does suck).

We dug a lot of holes.


We bought the big kids body boards, which they thought was pretty much the greatest thing ever.  They really had fun jumping on the waves and riding them in.  Wiggles tried to do this too but got pretty frustrated when he couldn’t get down the whole jumping-on-the-wave part.  Finally I helped him time it right and he said “Boy I really like these waves!”  He’s such an old man sometimes.


When the little kids started to get cranky we showered off the sand, some more naked than others.


Then came an adventure.  My sister and brother-in-law had driven to the beach, but we had taken the bus.  We planned to stop and get food to eat at the cabin for dinner.  We decided the boys would go get the food while the girls- along with six kids (four of the kids age 5 and under) would take the bus back.  Genius plan, right?  We stressed to the big kids that we would need some help, and Diva happily obliged.


We made the walk to the bus stop and had to wait a few minutes for it to come.  There was a carton of, like, a dozen uneaten cupcakes sitting on top of the nearby trash can.  Did I mention we had four kids age 5 and under?  Keeping them from those cupcakes was no easy feat.  They finally got distracted by those little touristy coupon books and maps, and had pulled out about 50 of them just as the bus pulled up, so that was pretty fantastic.

We got on the bus.  Adult day passes are $4, kids 17 and under ride for free.  What I didn’t know is that there is a limit of 2 kids per adults.  We had 2 adults and 6 kids…and this particular bus driver happened to be a real rule follower.  She gave us a pretty tough time and instructed us to sit down while she waited for other passengers and called her supervisor.  She never said another word to us, but eventually closed the doors and took off.  That is, she never said another word except for yelling at the kids to sit with their bottoms on the seats, backs against the back of the chair.  Did I mention we had 6 kids with us?

Finally we got to the campground and I called The Husband to come pick us up.  Our cabin is in the very back of the campground, a long walk from the check in area and bus stop.  Totally doable, but difficult with so many young kids.  The husband texted back that he was still getting food and that I had the keys to the cabin.  I said no, the cabin keys are in the van, and he had the van keys.  My phone had 3% battery at this time.  He called and apologized for leaving me stranded.  My poor sister supervised all the kids while I went to the front desk.  I explained the situation and they very kindly took pity on us, rounded up 2 golf carts to take us all to the cabin, and used the master key to let us in.  I told the guy that he not only saved our day, he also saved my husband from a lot of trouble.  He said he’s been that husband!


My sister and I then decided to give the three littlest kids- a 1-year-old and two 3-year-olds- a shower to get the sand off.  If you’ve never given 3 young kids a shower before, you should really try it!  She stood on the floor and scrubbed while I stood on the toilet and scrubbed.  There were only a few screams.  Wish we had gotten a picture!

I tend to find myself in these kind-of-sucky-but-also-hilarious adventures pretty often.  The Husband tolerates it and laughs with me the next day, but my sister laughs with me in the moment and for that I will be forever grateful.  There’s no one I’d rather be on an adventure with than my sissy!

Anyways, today all ended fine and the kids were glad for their golf cart adventure.  The boys got back with a giant pizza and we chowed down before her family left.  The Husband took the other kids to the campground pool- complete with water slides- but it started lightening shortly after they got there.  They got back just before the rain started and the big kids got to enjoy a short movie before bed.

Tomorrow is the only morning we have to get up early, we rented a boat and have to be there at 8:30.  (That’s early for us, okay?)


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