Virginia Beach Day Six- Water Country

Today we had a very busy day at Water Country!  Didn’t get to take many pictures.

Water Country is about an hour from our cabin.  On the way there we went through a long over-the-ocean bridge and through an under-the-ocean tunnel.  I’m 33 years old and still don’t understand how they build those things!

Water Country has enough thrill rides for any adventure seeker.  Our favorite was the Colossal Curl, which is a 4-person funnel shaped ride with massive drops and high lifts.  So fun and unlike most other water slides.

Water Country is also really great for little kids.  There are 3 separate play areas for the really young kids, all of which are great.


One of them has a water slide that’s like a miniature adult water slide.  It was legitimately fun!  Sassypants and her Big Cousin went down over and over again, and each time Sassypants said “Weeeeee!  Weeeeee!  Weeeeeee!” the whole way down.

There are also a half dozen or so big kid rides that younger kids can go on, so long as they have a life vest and an adult with them.  These were really fun to do together as a family- these were not baby slides!  I was really nervous for Sassypants to go down her first big slide- it was a three person raft, with me in the back, Smiles in the front, and her in the middle- but she loved it! One of the slides that everyone went on was pretty fast, and most of it was in a dark tube with very limited visibility.  We sat in those 4 person circle tubes.  The kids did not like that one so much.  Sassypants told us it was very scary but she wanted to try it again to see if she liked it next time.  Wiggles told us “THAT WAS HORRIBLE!”

Besides that one, Wiggles loved the big kid slides.  As each one ended he jumped out of the water and said “THAT WAS THE BEST RIDE EVER!!!”  If he stands really straight and stretches out his neck he’s 42”, which allows him to ride a couple extra rides.  He just couldn’t get enough; besides the blackout one he was pretty fearless. He’s really growing up and is becoming so fun just to hang out with

Smiles had fun.  He’s not an adventure seeker and gets very scared of heights, but once he gets to the top he likes the way down.  He spent the second half of the day in the baby pool.  He was a good big brother and played a lot with Sassypants. He also really liked the wave pool.

Diva also had fun, but was in a weird mood today.  She also spent the second half of the day in the baby pool.  Her little cousins really look up to her and she loves playing with them.

It was nice having 4 adults so we could trade off little-kid-watching duties.  We all got some time with the younger kids, but also all got to ride several fun rides.  We got there shortly after the park opened and left after it closed, a 9 hour day.  We are all beat but still didn’t do nearly everything the park had to offer!  I guess, considering we had 6 young kids with us, our time was spent something like this:

  • 40% Walking around and trying to convince kids to follow you
  • 30% Waiting in line
  • 20% Drying tears, mediating fights, fixing bad attitudes
  • 5% Eating
  • 5% Riding rides

Tonight my body is exhausted and is looking forward to more relaxed day tomorrow!


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