Virginia Beach Day Seven- Living Museum

We had a lazy morning today before heading off to the Living Museum.  My sister has a membership here and speaks very highly of it, so we were excited to try it out!

There’s an outdoor nature walk where we saw all sorts of wildlife.  All the animals in the museum are native to Virginia.  We saw otters, fox, eagles, and we even saw a lady pet an opossum!  They had a dinosaur exhibit where we saw how large TRex’s footprints were and sat on a dinosaur ribcage.

Inside the kids got to pet various kinds of crabs- except for Smiles who wussed out.


We played in a giant turtle shell


And watched a diver clean the shark tank!


We also got to watch fish change their color to camouflage to different ground coverings, see lots of turtles and fish, and touch some shedded snake skin.

The museum was a lot of fun.  I made all the kids tell me something they learned before they got a snack afterwards.

We went back to the cabin to change and then met my sister’s family at Sandbridge Beach.  This is their favorite beach, and it was easy to see why!  The houses are storybook perfect, there are hammocks under the pier, and a lot less people than at Virginia Beach.  If I were to rent a house in this area, I would rent a house here. We did all the beach things…..


Including digging inappropriately shaped holes.


Wiggles has a big imagination and can play for hours by himself.  Today on the beach he told me that he was a “Beethoven”, which is like a beaver but it doesn’t go in the water, it lives in the dessert and eats sand.  The Beethoven’s biggest problem is that there are dogs named Cogs that like to eat it.  He put his fingers in a certain way and pressed in the sand to show me what Beethoven’s footprints looked like.  When I told him to go in the ocean to get the sand off his chest, he said all exasperatedly, “I do not have a chest!  I am a Beethoven!”  That kid cracks me up!


We planned to get dinner afterwards, but the place my sister recommended had a long wait.  It’s not easy finding a table for 10 with short notice!  We quickly looked up some places in the parking lot and settled on Lucky Oyster.  It was great!  The Husband and Diva tried raw oysters for the first time- The Husband thought they were “blah” and Diva thought they were “horrible”.  The Husband didn’t chew so later thought he should have tried it again.  Diva was brave enough to try a second one, this time with hot sauce, but concluded that she was “never eating that again.”


The Husband, Diva, and Smiles all ate mussels for the first time as well.  This got thumbs up all the way around!  I may have told Smiles that eating mussels makes him grow muscles.

Time has gone by very quickly since we’ve been here; it seems like every time I look at the clock it’s a few hours later than I would have guessed.  I don’t think the kids have gone to bed before 10 PM once since we’ve been here- luckily, they’ve all slept well, probably because they’ve been so worn out!



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