Last Days in Bora Bora

The most exciting thing we did on Thursday or Friday was rent jet skis!  Riding jet skis on the ocean has been on The Husband’s bucket list for a long time, so that was a fun one to check off the list.  I hated being passenger; I was scared that I’d get bucked out, smashed by The Husband, crushed by the jet ski behind us, and then eaten by lemon sharks.  I loved being driver; it brought out my thrill seeker side that has been lying dormant since I’ve had kids.  We were out with a guide and three other couples- they were from Italy, China, and France.  At one point we stopped at a private island, searched around for a coconut, and broke it open to enjoy the water and meat.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures, but jet skiing was a highlight of the trip!  That night we went to Bora Bora Yacht Club with some friends.

The restaurant had AMAZING views- we sat right on the edge of the dock- and crazy fish that kept jumping out of the water and distracting the fisherman in our group.  We got swordfish and mahi mahi with vanilla sauce, and crème brulee for dessert. Some of the best food of the trip!

The rest of our days have been spent reading and relaxing- makes for a great trip but not very exciting blogs!  We leave in a few hours for a long trip back.  Here are a few other things I want to remember:

How fun paddle boarding was!  This was both of ours first time and I thought it was a blast.  The Husband…well, I’ll let him tell you what he thought.

Kayaking right up to our bungalow


Riding our bikes everywhere.  The resort is fairly spread out, so the bikes really make it easy to get around.


The cool tables by the pool.


How my company had the first ever pool party since the hotel opened back up!  Word on the street was they took promotional video to turn it into a more frequent event, though I wasn’t around for that.


How every single person you pass says in a sing-songy voice “Iaorana”

These cute little needlefish we see all the time while snorkeling


I took this one back because while Googling to find this picture I found pictures that show them with their mouths open…aye aye aye!

The yummy and extravagant breakfast we got every day- I loved the little hashbrown pancakes and The Husband loved the salmon and capers- but the French toast with chocolate sauce was the best.

Our little creepy crawly friend.  I saw him again Thursday night while The Husband was in the shower, but he hid and then we couldn’t find him again.  The Husband is convinced he only lives in my imagination, but I know what I saw.  He has me creeped out; I won’t walk around when it’s dark and only walk in the middle of the floor, not close to his potential hiding spots.  Last night The Husband was asleep and I was brushing my teeth- so I had to be close to the sink and was very nervous.  The belt from my robe brushed against the top of my feet and I screamed at the very top of my lungs!  The Husband slept through it all.

The amazing over water hammocks and our never ending view- surburbia is going to be hard to adjust back to.Capture

It’s been the trip of a lifetime and we are sad to leave, but are so excited to see our kids again.  Until next time….


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