Why do you blog?

I love to write; it helps me process my thoughts and emotions.  As we struggled with infertility and went through the adoption process, it became a good way to share our story with whoever was interested.  

Why does your blog have ads?

I don’t get paid for any ads.  Part of the reason bloggers can blog for free is because the blogsite can put ads on your blog.  I don’t get to review or approve these ads.  They annoy me.  There is an option where I can pay a yearly fee to remove the ads, and I may eventually decide to do that.  Sorry you have to deal with them.

What exactly is the topic of this blog?

This blog has grown over time.  It started off as a private infertility blog, read only by my closest family and friends.  It then became a public adoption blog.  More recently, it has become a general life blog.   As our situation has evolved, the blog has expanded from its narrow focus.

Why Hand-in-Hand?

Hands are interesting things, don’t you think?  I look at my grandma’s hand and think about how they’re the very same hands that made soap, washed clothes, slaughtered chickens, and cared for my dad.  I look at my son’s hands and think about how he will use those little things to hold my hand when he’s scared, shake his dad’s hand when he graduates high school, cling to his future wife, and one day hold his own babies.  Hands are a constant through the crazy storms of life.  They are resourceful and provide comfort and show affection.  I thought naming my blog Hand in Hand represented how even though we don’t know what is going to happen in our lives or with our family, we know there will be people to go through it with us.

Why did you choose to adopt from Ethiopia when there are so many kids in America that need homes?

Check out this post.

Can I share your blog with others?


What’s the best way to contact you?

My email is Jayme.Miller@yahoo.com.  I love to hear feedback and will respond.


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