Natural Living

As I have gotten older, I’ve gotten a bit weird.

It started in January 2011 when we watched the documentary Food Inc.  This movie looks at the food industry in America and how it has evolved over the past few decades.  It examines the impact the industry has on the environment, our health, and on worker’s rights.  Little by little, I started become more aware of the food I was putting into my body and buying for my family.  I started paying attention to the ingredients that were in the food I purchased.  I learned there’s a lot more to food than just fat grams and calorie counts.  I was surprised to find that many of the things I thought were healthy (low calorie/fat) weren’t so healthy after all, when I thought about what they WERE giving my body rather than what they WEREN’T.  I started looking at the ingredients and questioned if I knew what each one was.  I tried to figure out where the food we were eating actually came from.  Besides taking more of an interest in my own (and my animal’s) health, I wanted to make sure that my consumption habits weren’t negatively impacting other people’s lives, be they immigrant farmers making cents a day or child slaves picking cocoa beans.  Because that stuff still happens.

So that’s where it started, and it continued that way for awhile.  Our family was making healthier decisions.  I can’t tell you that we became superheroes overnight or that Covergirl called me for a contract, but we definitely felt good and had more energy.

Then I really started to go off the deep end.

As I thought about the preservatives and chemicals we were slowly decreasing in our diets, I thought about the chemicals we used around our house.  I tried to buy natural cleaners and such, but they were expensive and still had things in them that I wasn’t sure about.

So I started making my own all purpose cleaner.

And then my own laundry detergent.

And then my own toilet bowl scrub.

I now make a lot of stuff that normal people buy out of a concern for my family’s health, the environment, and costs.  Here’s some of the reasons why.

Then I got pregnant and decided to have a natural, pain-med free birth.  And I did.

So now I’ve accepted the fact that this natural living thing isn’t just a phase.  It’s not something that happened overnight.  It’s a lifestyle change that has happened slowly buy surely over the past couple of years, is still happening.  I’m still learning, still experimenting.   Crunchy Betty is my favorite natural living blog; I do a lot of things from her website. Here are some of my results:


 Laundry Detergent

All Purpose Spray


Face Wash


Dog Food

Dog Food Supplement

Protein/Breakfast Bars

Baby and Birthing:

Cloth Diapering Intro

Cloth Diapering Types

Homemade Wipes and Cloth Diaper Bag

Why I Decided to Deliver Naturally

Risks of Medical Interventions

Natural Labor Prep



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